Board Intelligence

Multiple Accountability – Multiple Dimensions – Multiple Intelligence

We are entering a new era of director accountability. Boards are called on to extend and access multiple dimensions beyond strategy, good problem solving and general IQ.

Increasingly, Boards and individual directors are advancing their capacities for self-awareness, role discernment, board relations, agility, and creative thinking. These Multiple intelligences form the architecture of culture, rapidly accruing in value[1]

This is called for as industries move to increasing disruption and enterprises increase director accountability.

Our purpose is to help directors and the board as a whole work purposefully, mindfully and creatively within the changing context and fast moving future.

Our results are built on three decades of executive peak performance facilitation, board development and consultation, leadership coaching, inter-group relations and at times, crisis intervention, as director of Diana Percy Pty Ltd, co-director of Vogel Percy Pty Ltd, Founder of Organisation Development Australia and post graduate executive education programs.

Some of Australia’s best company boards have trusted us over the years to assist in honing their multiple intelligences to govern better and achieve more. Multiple intelligences include IQ, EQ, SQ, creativity, mindfulness and result in skills and practices such as discernment, innovative thinking, dialogue and agility.

[1] See for example, Graham Bradley’s Essential Director Update at AICD; BlackRock CEO, Larry

Fink’s “A Sense of Purpose”; the Final Report of Hanes Royal Commission into Banking.