The core purpose of the board must always be clear and agreed with conviction. Board purpose is the reason d’etre, the spirited ‘Why’ the board and organisation exists. Your purpose is the North Star when direction is sought in times of turbulence and ambiguity. Although circumstances may change (such as changes to finance or industry), the purpose of the board remains steadfast.

Board Dialogues provide rigor and an investigation into the way the board is working on three levels:

  • Firstly, the board’s way, meaning the way forward, it’s current and future direction.
  • Secondly, the board’s way, meaning the way board members are working together and the nature of the board culture that has developed.
  • Thirdly, the board’s way, in this case meaning more self-aware engagement that strengthens alignment, insight, values and encourages better questions.

The best Board Dialogues evoke the board genius. Together directors find the collective true spirit of the board. This not only brings out the best in each member, it goes beyond to the board’s collective wisdom.