This site is about living life and as we go along, gaining in life experience as well as gaining in wisdom. That is living well. It is learning. It is the basis of wellbeing and a path for fulfillment, no matter what cards we are dealt now, in the past or in the future.

The key notion is learning. Rather than seeing wisdom as focusing on information and knowledge, I understand it as a process of enquiry, reflection and application. Wisdom is a practice. It is an art to aspire to through uses of enquiry, reflection and application. It is a practice. That’s why I call it practicing the wisdom arts.

“When we have lived enough life, experienced enough love

and enough wounding and repeated the pattern of loss and

renewal enough times, we become skilled at healing.

At learning. Always this starts with your self first,

through a deeply focused inner cycle

of reflection and application.

This cyclic practice builds the wisdom arts.

It builds the elder.”

Diana Percy

The New Elders: Practicing the Wisdom Arts