Little Pilgrimages Australia

A Little Pilgrimage takes you on a timeless passage. It is fresh air from the inside out.

A pilgrimage is a passage of spiritual significance and a private journey into your inner world through the outer world.

Diana takes a group of eclectic day travelers for a refreshing and unique experience of our beautiful natural environment, one of the most ancient landscapes on earth.

Each Little Pilgrimage has a theme that reflects the landscape as well as universal life themes.

Little Pilgrimages are one day, one hour from the city and mostly run during the milder months of the year.

Little Pilgrimages are also designed and conducted especially for your group to Forest, Ocean, Gardens or Rivers. Contact to discuss.

Little Pilgrimage: Ocean

 At the Edge of Two Worlds

Where the ocean meets the land is a meeting of two worlds.

The ocean is where life began. It is what formed us. The land is what we know and where we live. These are two distinct atmospheres, two rhythms and ways of being. Two worlds that serve different purposes. It is a primal conversation.

Sometimes our life is like this. The meeting of ocean and land is a living metaphor of the boundaries and thresholds we arrive at in life and the worlds we live between. Being at the edge of two worlds deserves recognition, time, and is to be treated with great respect.

At the edge of two worlds is where you can spread your wings liberate your thinking and be expansive . . .

Concentrated in one day an hour and twenty from Melbourne Sunday, March 24, 2019

Little Pilgrimage: Forest

Seeing beauty in the earth

The themes for all the Little Pilgrimages reflect the place itself.

The idea is to get you wondering about the theme in relation to your life before we actually go on the Little Pilgrimage. It is designed to help you get the most from it.