Creative Speaking

Everyone wants to add some magic to their event.

Diana is an intriguing and thoughtful speaker, inviting new thinking about age‐old issues of life, leadership, pathways and developing wisdom. Her speaking style is interactive; inviting her audience to become actively involved in short group discussions at a point during her presentation.

Recently Diana has delivered presentations at the Science and Non Duality conference in Italy, the Words in Winter Literary Festival in Victoria, Australian Institute of Management, and various community groups.

No two presentations are the same. In order for magic to happen, Di needs to talk with you before your event to understand your group and create something special.

A range of keynote themes include Beautiful Endings; Elderhood and What Really Matters;  Executive In Transition to a New Life; Transformation at Mid-Life;  the Power of Place;  Synchronicity; Life: the Personal and the Universal; Pilgrimage.

Videos – Ivanhoe library, Sand (edited proposal Endings), Elderhood clip?

“Diana had the audience in the palm of her hand.”

Di is one of the most knowledgeable people on human nature and potential. Her presentations get people to innovate; she uplifts and empowers.”

“Di Percy is an exceptional facilitator and executive coach … outstanding ability to transform individuals and groups, lifting them to new realisations and performance levels”

Diana has delivered keynotes and presentations to audiences as diverse as creative filmmakers, spiritual teachers, business leaders, and research scientists.

Contact to discuss your group and speaking event.