20 live radio presentations on Elderhood went to air last year. The practical and psychological aspects of becoming an elder were delved into for 50,000 community radio listeners.

These titles will be available as Podcasts later in 2018.

1. Elderhood is a Beginning

2. Elderhood, A State Of Mind

3. Now We Have Choices

4. Work Transition and Moving On

5. A Sense of Renewal

6. Elder Potential – Wealth never realized?

7. Elder Potential – Affirming, motivating, liberating

8. Elder Potential – Action keeps the dark side away

9. Implementing and Doing

10. Dying Regrets

11. Facing Dying Renews Living

12. Welcome Your ‘Symptoms’

13. Fallacies About Elders

14. Words Have Power (be aware)

15. Projects

16. Project Mindset

17. Relationships

18. Loneliness Vs Being Alone

19. Happiness as a Skill

20. Do the Inner‐Work