Personal Mastery – Collective Wisdom

There’s a life stage beyond childhood and adulthood more rich and noble than old age where we can become whole and free.
A time that gives meaning and purpose to the decades that shape the last third of our lives.
A time of gathering our inner gifts, our life wisdom, and sharing it.
A time to respond to the yearnings of our soul.
A time to enter a transformation as profound as the caterpillar becoming the butterfly.
Elderhood calls to us all, but is chosen by few.

The New Elders looks beyond achievement towards meaning. While money is necessary it asks, Are you spending your life well?

In her first book on Elderhood, Di Percy offers a map of the pathways to elderhood, walks with us through psychosocial-spiritual terrains, reveals the wisdom arts with their practical application, and invites us to make perhaps the most life-enhancing choice of all.

“Everyone over 50 should read this book.”

Di’s forthcoming book available during the second half of 2018.


Another forthcoming book specifically written for CEOs, Directors and Executives who are exiting the company and engaging a new life and a new world.





Becoming an elder is not the same as becoming old and elderly.

The New Elders redefines “elderhood” as a positive new third life-stage, defiantly different to becoming aged and elderly.

Readers are challenged, supported, held and shown ways to advance their development, applying new concepts, practices and views as they come to light.

We all know that childhood is for growing and learning about the world and the skills we need to live. We are looked after, sent to school, celebrate birthdays, achievements and other milestones of growing up.

Adulthood is for finding work and earning a living, raising a family or pursuing a different life-style and path, becoming as financially secure as you can and proficient at a skill or profession.

But has the world forgotten what elderhood is for? Did we ever really know?

One thing is for sure, being “retired” is not a palatable option for a growing number of people. The name itself is depressing: to retire is to step back, withdraw or retreat, meaning when you have retired you have withdrawn and retreated.

From what? From life? From what is meaningful, creative and active?

If the purpose of our third life-stage is not clear at the cultural level, no wonder it is hard to fathom at a personal level, and many of us are left feeling depleted and cast aside.

The New Elders is a resource for elders. It opens up and explores in depth the purpose and universal task of elders.

In parallel to the universal task there is another task for us. It is simply and radically, to change the collective mindset in order to see the purpose of elderhood for the greater good and appreciate the elders who take it up as a noble path.

Within the pages of this book the ground covered is the landscape of the mind and soul. It is both universal and personal. Through story and concepts, archetypes and ideas, maps and commentary, we go on a rite of passage through portals of meaning, applying them to daily life.