The DNA of Culture

What Company Directors need to know about the power and potential of culture

The challenge is laid down. Boards must be fit for purpose. Times have changed post the Banking Royal Commission. APRA has made it clear that across industries primary accountability for culture rests with the board. Governance practices are under scrutiny and shifting.  Smart boards are acclimatising and skilling up to educate and shape their cultural dimension.

The advantage for companies of culturally aware and savvy boards (think Atlassian, McKinsey, Air BnB) is to attract top talent and claim unprecedented market share.

Board duties demand more time of directors than ever before. Strategy takes up the main focus, according to McKinsey’s Global Survey of Boards. Like finance, strategy is explicit — culture is not.

We get it. The urge is to delegate. You need an edge. Yet just because culture can’t be captured, does not mean it isn’t powerful and dominant. It is.

The DNA of Culture is a white paper written specifically for you and your board by an award-winning educator-practitioner actively advising Chairs, boards and CEOs for twenty-five years.

The DNA of Culture is available in November 2019. It includes –
Part 1: Knowing the Power and Potential of Culture
Part 2: Traps for Boards
Part 3: The Fresh Mind Strategy

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We know from the research that approximately 70 percent of change efforts fail – one of the primary reasons being that organizational culture is not considered.
Harvard Business Review

June 2000

Because it is the entities, their boards and senior executives who bear primary responsibility for what has happened, close attention must be given to their culture, their governance and their remuneration practices.
Banking Royal Commission Final Report

Page 4

Fresh Mind Technology

This method is a discipline based in Zen Buddhist practice and Gestalt Theory. It is distilled into a single day to meet needs of time-poor directors or executives, with a recommendation that Board action follow within 1 to 3 days with facilitated meetings.

As the company chair and directors it is necessary to be aware individually and collectively of boundaries between your self and the world. You need to know when to expand your wings and when to hold back; how to stand with the inner caliber earned by being sorely tested and questioned; and to develop the power of agility in mind, direction and action.

All over the world the time-honored way of the master was to do this by spending time in nature and contemplation. The master emerged from the retreat with new insight and fresh attention, their acuity of mind sharpened by being open to surprise and discovery.

Fresh Mind Technology is a method designed specifically for your Board

to expand the caliber and agility of the board as a whole. Spread your wings. Liberate your thinking. Be expansive. Super effective. Reach new solutions. In one whole day

You are guided to use the Fresh Mind Technology to focus in a fresh way on policy, strategy or innovation to advance your core purpose and the transformative power of the board for your organization and stakeholders.

A fresh collective mind with the right intent is what makes agility and expands Board Intelligences.

Private Consultation

More and more, the directors and chairs are consulting trusted advisors and facilitators to test out ideas and seek input. Don’t be left behind. Private consultation is now a mark of excellence. We have long experience of working with Chairs, Directors and CEOs to navigate difficult waters and achieve their goals.