Transitions And Relations

Potential Genius

The CEO and the Chair is the company’s pivotal relationship. When it goes badly, repercussions abound and problems amplify. But when the relationship is sound, a symbiotic and potent dynamic results, positively affecting all stakeholders.

It can be said this relationship is the wellspring for feeding the company culture.

It will reward you to pay careful attention to establishing and maintaining this relationship, keeping it in top working order. Regular private meetings between Chair and CEO are vital to keep the relationship robust and generative.

Practicing the art of dialogue when you do meet adds enormous depth and potential (see the section on Board Dialogue). More chairs and CEOs are taking on skilled facilitators to gain the maximum benefit their one-on-one consultations.

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Executive in Transition

There is more than one version of Executive Transition. At one extreme there is a difficult situation of having to exit a prominent CEO, Chair or Director who has no thought of leaving the enterprise as yet.  At the other extreme is a CEO or Director who wants to leave and the Board does not want him or her to go. Not yet.

Increasingly I come across respected CEOs, Chairs and Directors who make a life changing decision to not only leave their position, but to leave corporate life altogether. They are not headed for retirement because they want to continue work in another form. They want a new life.

Transition To a New Life

On a personal level, there comes a time when every Chair, CEO, Director and Senior Executive must leave their post in the organisation and move on to a new life. Some are as young as in their 50’s, some much older. What they all have in common is wanting to leave the world of executive work, yet they do not want to ‘retire’.

Instead, they want a new life with engagement and meaning on their own terms. Often they don’t know where to start. I walk these Executives in Transition through one of the most significant and least recognised life transitions of human development. Establishing a new purpose and forms of work are essential features of the program.

Exit to the Next Role

Exiting a CEO or MD can be difficult and sensitive. Many CEOs feel keenly committed to their companies and not yet ready to move on. Some can be totally unaware that the board may be considering that they should exit.  There could be good reason for this mismatch in perceptions or the reality. The most common reason is the changing requirements of the CEO position has out-grown the capacity of the current CEO, of which they are unaware, in denial, or think their other attributes will compensate.

Whatever the reasons, here you are now in this moment, with the question of how to best navigate a potentially volatile situation and retain some composure and a peaceful outcome for your CEO and the board.

We have successfully assisted boards and CEOs in this predicament, to arrive at a way forward that provides dignity and respect for all parties.