About Diana Percy

Diana, a keen student of human potential and consciousness for 40 years, builds concepts from the ground of experience and inspiration of spiritual teachers and philosophers. Diana trained as a Gestalt Therapist in the 1970s, body-mind therapies and Family therapy. After working as a counselor and practice teacher, Diana conducted many 30-day retreats into Australia’s remote heart in collaboration with our indigenous people for land-based spiritual immersions. Diana pioneered Spirituality in the Workplace and Spirituality and Leadership conferences. After seven years teaching psychodynamics, Diana was awarded RMIT University’s Distinguished Teaching Award for outstanding contribution in postgraduate education.

Later Diana chaired the Dharma School built on Buddhist philosophy. She is Founder of Organisation Development Australia and co-director of Vogel Percy Corporate Mentoring for many years. Diana works with business leaders as an educator and Board Advisor. She also works with people in midlife in their transition to elderhood, for which she wrote “Practicing The Wisdom Arts”. Diana speaks on soulwork, writes poetry and leads Little Pilgrimages to oceans and forests.

Diana Percy, M.Bus.O.D., M.A.I.C.D., A.S.A., Founder, O.D.Australia