Elders: Practicing the Wisdom Arts

The forthcoming book By Diana Percy

There’s a life stage beyond childhood and adulthood more rich and noble than old age where we can become whole and free.
A time that gives meaning and purpose to the decades that shape the last third of our lives.
A time of gathering our inner gifts, our life wisdom, and sharing it.
A time to respond to the yearnings of our soul.
A time to enter a transformation as profound as the caterpillar becoming the butterfly.
Elderhood calls to us all, but is chosen by few.

Elders: Practicing the Wisdom Arts takes us beyond achievement into meaning. Becoming an elder is not an automatic process nor a right, but an aspiration and something that human beings are designed for if we put our heart and mind to it. 

In her first book on Elderhood, Diana Percy shows us the pathways to elderhood, walks with us through psychosocial-spiritual terrains, reveals the wisdom arts with their practical application, and invites us to make perhaps the most life-enhancing choice of all.

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Di Percy has a background in psychology and business and is known for insight, creativity and entrepreneurial flair. Di asks each of us each of us to look deeply within ourselves to find dormant capacities that we can use to develop our selves, our communities and our organisations.