New Elders Project


Life is about to get interesting.

As Boomers in the third stage of life, we have huge potential. Potential unfolds from within; it is so for everything living. All life depends on this happening. When potential is activated it transforms the world.

The New Elders Project helps people generate potential and meaning personally and in the community. It happens through:

∞ Conversation about the transition to becoming an elder – the why, what and how of transition to a new life, the losses and gains, the meaning of it all, our task and contribution.

∞ A map and guidance structure to aid your transition into the third age and live it with energy, purpose and joy.

∞ A growing community of elderhood – joining together to collectively support each other to activate potential and reach levels to enrich you and your community.

New Elders Quest

As elders we need to live as though our place in the world really matters. The worth of our place should not be underestimated. Place is both literal and metaphorical, a reflection of who we are, where we are in life and what we stand for. As elders our place in the world is bestowed by others and earned by our own attitude and conduct.

What does becoming an elder mean for you?

It can be scary, avoided, denied, fought against, accepted or all of the above . . . plus downright exhilarating and surprisingly the best time of life.

When do we enter elderhood?

According to the World Health Organisation it’s at 50 years old; the UN claims it’s 60. Either way, that is confronting for most of us.

Is elderhood uplifting, something that you welcome?

Or is it depressing, something you want to fight or just not think about? Elderhood can be regarded as negative, or as our most positive and illuminating time of life. It all depends on what you have in mind.

The emerging truth . . .

We are witnessing a new social phenomenon unfolding. It’s happening with the New Elders in the third stage of life. Adulthood used to be our major life stage when we peak in life, followed by a decline into old age.

Now with more robust health and longevity, the third age becomes a whole new world. We are perfectly capable of reaching a new peak in life as elders, in fact we need to aim for it

Research shows that having personal purpose increases health, happiness and flourishing – ideal for up to 30 years ahead of elderhood. That’s where Di Percy’s approach and pioneering book on The New Elders comes in to invigorate and guide the great living you are yet to do.


The Elders Circle

The Elder’s Circle is a community of people who get together to talk and explore what it is to be an elder. In the spirit of enquiry, growth and kindness, Elder’s Circle participants talk about their experiences, concerns, questions, insights and the funny moments. Together we make sense of things, acknowledge our differences, meet like-minded souls and make new friends. This creates an energy with a sense of renewal and curiosity.

Elders Circle Participants

The Elder’s Circle participants are between 50 and 80 years old (so far) and come from all walks of life – engineer, grandparent, volunteers, technitions, artists, gardener, health professionals. What’s important for participating is not what you know but who you are. There’s a natural acceptance and kindness in the circle and a wonderful depth.

Many in the group want to see life get better – better for themselves for sure, for others also, for future generations as well as for our social, political, environmental and other leaders who are doing their best to make the world a better and more compassionate place.

“Di’s belief in human potential and in her clients is inspiring.”

“Di is a visionary and savvy facilitator with the right balance between head and heart!”

“Di understands human dynamics both intuitively and through deep insights and is a joy to work with.”

Elders Circle Purpose

What we lose in stamina as we age, we can gain in the mature capabilities of an elder. We need to recognise and nurture these capabilities though, because unless we actively develop them, we can’t step up when asked to contribute.

The Elder’s Circle aids the recognition and nurturing of the elder capabilities, individually and collectively. One of the differences between an elder and being elderly is that elders continue to grow. We continue to have zest for life and to be forward-looking.

The Elders Circle is run in public gatherings, community meetings and private functions.