Private Mentoring


Diana trained initially as a Gestalt Therapist, then in body-mind therapies, group therapy and Family Therapy. She has studied human potential and consciousness and practiced as a healer, counsellor, facilitator and practice teacher for 40 years.

Diana’s Private Mentoring takes two forms. Soulwork and Practice Teacher.

Soulwork is the many aspects of personal work: for example from the spiritual to relationships to life-stage transition to a new direction and going through grief, loss, awakenings, new discoveries and transformation.

Practice Teaching is for advancing your professional practice: for example in leadership, writing, consulting, counselling, business, entrepreneurship and creativity


Soulwork is inner work. When we take a fresh view of life as being a time to flourish, whatever circumstances we are in, then there is room for joy and growth to happen. Fresh air for the heart and mind.

Approaching and entering a new life‐stage tends to surface fears or can happen as a result of the pain of loss and endings. It is always hard to step away from the fears we harbour and to experience pain in a way that doesn’t lead to suffering. Everyday I resolve and hope to take heart and have courage, so that I may rise above my fears and also see the beauty in endings. Then I can be fully who I am meant to be on this earth, and help you do the same.

The path we chose is everything. It can be changed at any time. Many of us consult a lawyer or financial planner at times of loss or uncertainty, or join a gym, or latch onto a program in the hope it will bring new interest or direction. Few find a mentor who can guide and challenge our path, life strategies and mindset. Guidance and challenge that brings hope is what helps the spirit to rise.

“Di has acted as a catalyst for revelation for me. From the moment she invited me to draw a line on a page to represent my life and to identify how far along that line I had progressed, she has provided me with a succession of insights into my life, my work and my career. She has used this as a springboard for me to think about why I do what I do and to find the true motivation for the coming phases of my life and my work. I have valued my conversations with her immensely and find myself returning to her insights on a daily basis.”

Practice Teaching

Your professional practice is the expression of your self to the world through your work. When self, practice and work are integrated, love and wellbeing is generated to others and to you. Fragmented, it can bring frustration, stress, anxiety, confusion and feelings of a never-ending treadmill, of never being finished or good enough.

That is when practice teaching comes in. Sometimes, a good enquiry into your professional practice is like a tonic, because sometimes, you or others have set the bar too high, or not high enough. Your practice includes your work environment and circumstances and they may not match what you have to give and hope to accomplish, even if they did so at one time.

Where you set the bar on your practice – your internal standards as well as the external standards that you accept – may be thwarting you, leaving you unmotivated and contributing to complacency, or conversely stimulating you to greater levels of practice.

“At a time when I felt that I had lost my way professionally, I met Di Percy. To say that Di’s mentorship at that time was liberating is not to overstate it. As a mentor, Di was able to help me reconnect with my love for my business, the work that I do and the clients that I work for. My enthusiasm for professional development was re-engaged and I have never looked back.”

Beyond examining your practice environment, there is your practice itself. This involves many dimensions and skills.  Further more, your practice changes and grows over the course of your life and this must be attended to. Forget about “do what you love” and “follow your passion”.

Instead, develop your passion.

Or start what you love.

That takes personal enquiry, focus and awareness over time (popularly called mindfulness). A practice teacher can get you on track and assist with

  • concept development;
  • writing for different audiences;
  • presentation and personal presence

and many practical and psychological aspects of creative development, personal blocks, business ideas and implementation.

“I have found Di an inspiring person to work with. I feel privileged to have her as my coach.”