What does becoming an elder mean for you?
And when do we enter elderhood?

According to WHO it’s at 50 years old; the UN claims it’s 60. Either way, that’s confrontation for most of us.

Is elderhood something that’s uplifting, that you welcome?
Or is it depressing, something you want to fight or just not think about? Elderhood can be regarded as negative,
or our most positive and illuminating time of life. It all depends on what you have in mind.

The emerging truth…
adulthood was seen as our major life stage, where we peak in life as adults, followed by decline into old age. Yet with robust longevity and buoyant elderhood, the third age becomes a whole new world.
We are perfectly capable of reaching a new peak in life as elders, in fact we need to aim for it.

Helping smart people find their purpose
It is purpose that motivates us to life’s peaks. Also because we are living way longer than past generations,  outliving careers and even family and friends, a clear sense of purpose is vital for long-­‐ term health and fulfillment. Purpose is our challenge and opportunity as elders.
That’s where Di Percy’s approach and pioneering book on Elderhood comes in to invigorate and guide your purpose.Research shows that having personal purpose increases health, happiness and flourishing – ideal for up to 35 years of elderhood.
Di Percy is a Corporate Mentor, author and Transition specialist; her book on Elderhoodis available later this year.

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