Standing in the Fire

A companion book for facing the loss of a loved-one and life without them

Losing someone you love is a painful and often lonely time. You have a companion in this book.

Based on heartfelt and professional experience, you will be guided on an inner pilgrimage through the terrain of loss, grief and recovery, including arrival and initiation at the three thresholds.  Along the way, suggested contemplation and rituals form an active part of healing and meaning.

Story, commentary, spiritual teachings and poetry flow to form companionship and shelter.  Then beyond the third threshold we again find our ground so that we can make a contribution to life and live well. 

Published November 3rd, 2020, paperback. 

The DNA of Culture

What Directors need to know about this untapped resource


As directors, there may come a day, when you choose to get very, very good at understanding and working with culture. It is both a science and an art and one worthy of your investigation, especially because as a board and for the economy, the stakes have gone up.

As board members and leaders, the simple fact is that governance, along with company survival, is getting tougher  spread across industries and sectors.

People at the top of the organisation are named as responsible for the culture; the wise see it is their greatest resource.

The DNA of Culture is written for Directors and gives you the insights and secrets that until now, only the few best practitioners knew.