Standing in the Fire

a companion book
for facing the loss of a loved-one
and life without them

Losing someone you love is a painful and often lonely time. You have a companion in this book. Based on heartfelt and professional experience, you will be guided through three thresholds of grief—
Fire: facing uncertainty and ending;
Pilgrimage: the inner work of grieving;
Beauty: living without them.

Loss – Grief – Recovery:
3 thresholds – 3 tasks – 3 initiations

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The book to hold as a fellow grief traveller. It is a wise friend, mindful mentor, loving healer and artful commentator.
Chip Conley

Modern Elder Academy, NY Times best-selling author

This vitally important book fills a gap between the healthcare system being focussed on care for the dying, and what happens to you as the companion during the process and afterward.
Professor Catherine Crock, AM

Physician, Royal Children’s Hospital, Melbourne;<br /> Chair and Founder of the Hush Foundation<br />

In this beautiful and creative book … we can lay to rest by having known shadow and light, grief and love and, at last, recognising and appreciating our own life.
Maurizio Benazzo

Co-founder, Science and Nonduality<br /><br />

A healing and insightful book … an act of kindness for loved-ones and professional caregivers.
Dr Francis Macnab AM, OM

Founder, Cairnmillar Institute Psychotherapy

Thank you, Di Percy… for how our lives can be enriched by becoming a Dying Companion.
Professor Mary Foley AM

Former Director General, NSW Health, Australia

Like a wise friend accompanying you through loss, grief and recovery, this is the book to keep close to you.
Justine Willis Toms

New Dimensions Radio, USA

Standing in the Fire made me feel seen and understood in where I am with my mother as her dying companion – consoled and inspired and then left full of hope and curiosity.
Mari O’Connell

Carer and Soul Companion, Ireland

Diana offers the hand of companionship to explore new growth and possibilities that emerge from our darkest days. A timely, wise and courageous book that offers us the opportunity to think differently about the light as well as the shadow of grief
Nora Vitens

Viva 70 Lifestyle Magazine on Ageing Well

Diana Percy, writer and poet, is integrating dying and living to return to our soul’s meaning, what we love and what really matters, so that through our loss and mourning, we then rise up to find wisdom and beauty.

“Experiencing loss and grief means a descent into sorrow and suffering.  I want to engage readers in their capacity for transcendence, of seeing the world just differently enough to realise there is an ascent that follows every descent. It seems to be the polarity of life, yet instead it is part of a continuum and a healing cycle. The descent into suffering cannot be avoided, but once fully experienced, you are free to rise up from the ashes of what you knew, all that was, and take flight to all that is now and can be. Once again, you can see the beauty in the world, hear the song sung for you, and know how beautiful and resilient you are.”