Readers Speak

“I LOVE this book. It resonates with me so much. The timing is perfect.”
– Belinda Pringle, Arts Administrator

“This is an exceptional book. A work that draws together so many threads into a cohesive whole and speaks with awe‐inspiring wisdom on every page. So much to absorb I need to start at the beginning again.”
– David Mandara, Copywriter

“This is beautifully and imaginatively written. There’s treasure on every page, something to stop and really reflect on. The stories work so well in bringing the big ideas to everyday life.”
– Dr Nita Cherry, Coach and Leadership Educator; past Professor of Leadership, Swinburne University

“I love the book! So much resonates with me. I feel like I’m currently entering elderhood whilst still being in the warrior phase of adulthood. It’s beautifully written”
‐ Ben McEwing, Filmmaker and Entrepreneur

“When I read this book I was seriously energised. Di’s open style immediately engages the reader. It’s like she’s talking to you directly and understands exactly where you’re at on your own personal journey.”
‐ Geoff Nunn, Corporate Advisory

“The scary thing about this book, without reading all of it yet, is I might be compelled to change my life!”
– Professional businessman, 41 years old