Earlier this year Di spoke to New Dimensions Radio broadcasting across the US, about the life transition to a community Elder and a corporate Elder, and her forthcoming book about ‘Practicing the Wisdom Arts’.

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Little Pilgrimages:

A Guide

A Little Pilgrimage takes you on a timeless passage. It is fresh air from the inside out. Take time out to refresh in nature. The guide will assist you to be present, deepen insight, reconnect with the beauty of nature, uplift the soul, and listen to your inner voice.  

Because Covid has prevented me from leading Little Pilgrimages this year, I developed podcast guides to download, so you can enjoy your own Little Pilgrimage with a few friends or family or on your own. Take your own time and go to the place of your own choosing, anywhere in the world that you happen to be now. 

A pilgrimage is a passage of spiritual significance and a private journey into your inner world through the outer world.

About a Little Pilgrimage 

A Little Pilgrimage is accessible and no fuss, so it can fit easily into work or family life. It can be done in a day or even a weekend. Be prepared for a refreshing view and deepened experience of your beautiful natural environment, in areas with trees, desert, ocean or rivers, or go to the sanctuary of big gardens in the city. 

Each Little Pilgrimage – to Forest, Ocean, Gardens or Rivers – has a theme to reflect the character of the landscape you choose to visit. The guide will assist you to see the the way the landscape reflects and evokes a universal life-theme.








Little Pilgrimage: Ancient Rainforest

Seeing Beauty

The themes for all the Little Pilgrimages reflect the place itself. This pilgrimage is set in our magnificent rainforest, one of the most ancient environments on Earth. It is not a bush walk, but rather a walking reflection on the beauty within  and around us, the relationship between the two, and how that relationship can make us feel more alive. The poet Pascal said, “You should always carry something of beauty in your mind.”

The Little Pilgrimage Forest will provide you with plenty of images and thoughts to take away, so you can always have something of beauty with you especially for when times get tough.




Little Pilgrimage: Gardens

In the Gardens of Heaven and Earth

Open your mind to heaven and earth in this garden pilgrimage. The earthly world and the heavenly world are like yin and yang – they are two aspects of the same whole.

This can be viewed as a metaphor for what is within you. As the poet Rumi said, “You are a microcosm of the universe.” It is what you do with that inner resource as a matter of potential that matters and forms your contribution to others and the world. Allow fresh air to blow through the blocks and stress of life and immerse yourself in the nature and beauty of this place.

A wonderful start to a new year in a quiet centre of Melbourne.


Power of Place

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