About Di Percy


Developmental coach and author … that’s the simplest way to describe what I do. I was first drawn to this work by the transformative power of the human potential movement in the 1970’s. It changed my life and opened the door to a world of hope and potential. Although I’ve been through numerous iterations along the way (therapist, educator, company change consultant, entrepreneur), my core work remains to help people develop through raising hope and potential and then seeing results.

That involves engaging heart, mind and soul.

Heart, mind and soul I’m attracted to the notion of elderhood. Elderhood is our most significant life transition because we enter the final life-stage before reaching old age. We tend to live with the assumption that adulthood is our peak in life, after which it’s a slow decline all the way.

Yet as elders in our 50s to 70s and onwards, we stand in the centre of a lifetime of experience, learning, losses and joy. We know more now, and realize more about what we don’t know than ever before in life. We need to honour and appreciate our long life.

So why not hold a different assumption? That we can reach higher peaks as an elder, able to flourish and contribute great value to others and our communities, value that takes a different form to adulthood. In fact, let’s insist on it, and get together to grow and contribute as elders.

Di Percy is a director of Vogel Percy and past chair of the Dharma School, with long experience in psychology, business, leadership education and governance. Di’s unique blend of psychotherapy, spirituality, creativity and entrepreneurship plus her own life experience has led to writing The New Elders.