Talks and Groups


Talks and groups are designed with zest to activate potential.

Private Talks are interactive and work either as a Presentation or as a structured workshop. Di is known for taking groups to a deep level of interaction and enquiry in a relatively short time. Most private Talks are one hour and workshops are designed for you.

Di’s speaking and group design accelerates audience engagement. If the audience is an established group of any kind including an Executive Team or workgroup, they may be asked to do some pre‐work to focus their mind on a particular theme and get the most from the session.

Recent Group Presentations as part of the ELDERHOOD SERIES

  • Becoming an Elder
  • Death as a Teacher
  • Elders On Purpose

Speaking engagements include presentations on The New Elders, and Elders: What Really Matters, delivered at various community meetings including the Words In Winter literary festival. Also see the SPEAKING menu.

In addition The ELDER’S CIRCLE, an ongoing gathering of New Elders, meets alternatively the second Tuesday and Wednesday of the month.

“Di combines a refreshing sense of humour, compassion, sensitivity and humanity.”

“Di has an incredible theoretical depth.”

“Di has challenged the way I see the world and provided a safe learning environment in which I was able to explore who I am.”

“I found Di inspirational.”