The Elder’s Circle


The Elder’s Circle is a community of elders who together as a learning community and to explore what it is to be an elder.

In the spirit of enquiry, growth and kindness, Elder’s Circle participants get together to share concerns, stories, questions, insights and the funny moments. Together we make sense of things, acknowledge our differences and revitalise inspiration, meet like-minded souls and may make new friends.

Listening to what others have to say as well as saying some things out loud your self seems to create an atmosphere where you can put things together in a new light. It creates an energy, with a sense of renewal and curiosity.


Elder’s Circle participants are between 50 and 75 years old (so far) and come from all walks of life; from a doctor, to a volunteer gardener. What’s important for participating is not what you know but who you are. There’s a natural acceptance and kindness in the circle and a wonderful depth.

Many in the group want to see life get better – for themselves for sure, for others also, and for future generations as well as for our social, structural, scientific and other leaders who are doing their best to make the world a better and more compassionate place.


What we lose in stamina as we age, we can gain in the mature capability of an elder. We need to recognise and nurture these capabilities, though, because unless we actively grow them internally, we can’t step up when asked to contribute. The Elder’s Circle aids the recognition and strengthening of elder capabilities, individually and collectively.

One of the differences between an elder and being elderly, is that elders continue to grow. We continue to have a zest for life and want to look forward to the future, not just reminisce about the past. The elder circle is a learning community for growth – elder style.

Meeting Details

Everyone in the Elder’s Circle is visible; everyone who wants to speak can be heard. The framework is loose – tight. That is, it is relaxed and focused. Meetings are guided by Di Percy.

So far, meetings have been by invitation. Now we are opening them up to all those who want to explore and share experiences of elderhood.  To find out more and get the Eventbrite URL and  password email me at

  • The Elder’s Circle meets alternatively on the second Wednesday and second Tuesday of the month, from 6pm to 8pm.
  • Venue is Melbourne City fringe, details provided to participants
  • A donation of up to $60 (inclusive of GST) via Eventbrite

Next Elder’s Circles for 2018 are:

Wednesday, 14th November; Tuesday 11th December.

“Di’s belief in human potential and in her clients is inspiring.”

“Di is a visionary and savvy facilitator with the right balance between head and heart!”

“Di understands human dynamics both intuitively and through deep insights and is a joy to work with.”