This image of the trees tells you what it’s like in the early morning on wooded parts of our farm. This time of year the mist and clouds hang low. Need I say it is very cold. What I love about it is the sense of mystery it brings. It is so beautiful. Up close, silver spiders webs glitter with little pearls of dew. Tiny bats swoop past with a silent breeze in their wake. It’s truly a world of magic.

Many people become hardened and cynical by life’s demands. It’s easy to do. We can lose a sense of wonder and appreciation of beauty as we galvanise our defenses and grow older and supposedly wiser. Yet wiser doesn’t equal hardened.

When I sat down to write to you about the next Elder’s Circle, this is what came out. I intended to write a snappy piece about the next meeting details, but I’m still involved in our last topic, “What really matters” and what you each raised. Seeing beauty around me matters; beauty in others as well as in surroundings.

In order to see the beauty around us, we need to be in the present moment without bias from negative past experience or fear of the future.

This leads me to the theme of awareness, a theme I’d like to put forward for our next meeting.

In your awareness, where do you spend most of your time?

Is it in the past, thinking over what has happened, what could have been, of mistakes or moments of glory? Or does your attention drift to the future, worrying about what could go wrong or dreaming about what if and what could be, of a future you want to build? Do you live mainly in the present, open, alert and responsive to your surroundings?

In your patterns of awareness, what is your overall tendency and is it the same as your preference?



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