What Really Matters

We are now into July and the second half of the year. Mid winter is the time of dormance, the time of retreat from the constant business of life to make space for some rest and reflection.

I’ve been thinking about you and the next Elder’s Circle, including what some said you wanted in future meetings. The idea of a topic per meeting was raised, of more structure, having a challenge as well as defining and exploring what it is to be “an elder”. It could take some meetings to settle on an approach, which can always remain open to development. Luckily, we have many Elder’s Circles ahead to refine what we want.

I wonder if like me, you continue to be amazed at how quickly time passes as we age. Although it’s a cliché everyone trots out, it is also cause for some reflection. While we joke about Christmas being here again before we know it, that is also code about our lifetime passing quickly.

The glass-half-full approach is not about quantity and how much time we do or don’t have left – but is about having the best quality life that we can muster.

In light of this, here is a topic that I am putting forward for discussion at the July Elder’s Circle. It is simply, “What Really Matters”.

Simple as it is, it takes clarifying personal meaning to confront and reassess what really matters now in life. It’s an exercise in clarity, direction and stripping back what is peripheral. Going back to the core of who am I, we can shed the wastelands and extra loads we carry. Lighter, life continues.

“What really matters” for you as an elder? It’s a marvelous challenge to contemplate, talk about, and to do something about.


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