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Elderhood: Perfect Your Love,
Courage and Hope

Standing in the Fire  

Loss, Grief, Recovery 

Standing in the Fire

Once again, you see the beauty in the world, hear the song sung for you, and know how beautiful and resiliant you are. 

Elderhood and Growing Older:
Which will you do?

Standing in the Fire

 This Podcast is a deep dialogue exploring what it means to be proactive in approaching ageing and becoming an elder in the 21st century. 

Bearing Witness

Delivered to the Gathering of Kindness

In this video, Di Percy reflects on the notion of ‘bearing witness’, and highlights the current complexities experienced by healthcare staff who are managing grief in covid, for patients, among friends and colleagues, and perhaps even for themselves.  

Torch Holder

Di Percy reflects on what being the torch holder, lighting the way for others, means and looks like for those working in healthcare.

Honour Healthworkers

Delivered to the Gathering of Kindness

Ever feel the need to be perfect in your healthcare role? You’re not alone. Many healthcare professionals do. However, given our humanity, perfection is just not possible. Instead, a pursuit of honor (“honour’) is something we can all work towards.