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As an individual or as a company leader, each new frontier we face arrives as trouble – a dilemma, dissatisfaction, hurt or turbulence. Occasionally it presents as a fortunate opportunity. Either way, new frontiers bring potential, promise and growth as well as risk and the unknown. We can experience bafflement, overwhelm, stoic ploughing ahead or a simple block: How on earth do we go forward?

These experiences herald the start of Transition. The bigger the disturbance, the bigger the transition that lies ahead.


The biggest transitions are passages to the next life stage and a new level of development, whether that is personally or organisationally, urgent or long term. These transitions result in a metamorphosis. A true reinvention with significant innovation, beyond the idea and the talk. Transition starts internally before there are outward signs and progresses externally.

Our lived experience can be brought to bear on whatever the challenge and transition we face, through the insight of great philosophy and teachings at the right time, practical application, meaningful and relevant perspectives, wise and impactful  and perennial humour. When we investigate our new frontier, we can see the limitations we must move beyond and can discover resources of courage, humour, imagination and improvisation. 

Then you can emerge ready for a more abundant relationship with life.


There are two strings to my bow. One is Corporate Advisory for Boards of Directors; the other is Creativity for the New Elders Project. Both focus on successful Transition: rising above risk, adversity, loss, change or stasis and using the impact to aid your resiliance, agility and to shift to a new level of development.


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