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As an individual, as a professional, as a leader, you face transitions.

Sometimes, transition presents as a fortunate opportunity. Mostly, transition comes from upheaval – a dilemma, irritation, injury, turbulence or new frontier to face. Either way, a transition can bring promise and growth as well as risk and the unknown. The bigger the upheaval, the bigger the transition ahead. We can experience excitement, bafflement, stoic ploughing ahead or a simple block: How on earth will we go forward?

Transitions are part of the rhythm of life. Sometimes we try to avoid them or rush through in haste to arrive somewhere new. Then we miss the power and potential of transition, the in-between stage. That is the time of initiation.

The biggest transitions are passages to the next life stage, whether personal or organisational. Big transitions result in a metamorphosis. Transition starts internally, when you look toward your new frontier, the limitations you must go beyond and the inner resources you have.

Your lived experience is often underestimated. It can inform and navigate the transition and challenge you face. Then you can emerge ready for a more abundant relationship with life.

There are two strings to my bow, united by transition. One is Corporate Advisory for Boards of Directors; the other is Creativity for the New Elders Project.

Both focus on successful, fulfilling Transition. The energy that comes with risk, adversity, change, stasis or excitement can be harnessed and used to build resilience and agility to shift to the next level of development.


What Directors need to know about shaping the culture

An eBook available on 1st February, 2020

There may come a day, when you choose to get very, very good at understanding and working with culture. It is both a science and an art and one worthy of investigation. Especially because over the last year, as a board, the stakes have gone up.

As board members and leaders, the simple fact is that governance is getting tougher. It started in the finance sector and is spreading across all industries and sectors.

People at the top of the organisation are named as responsible for the culture and systemic misconduct.

The DNA of Culture gives you answers and strategies to make your life better.

Earlier this year Di spoke to New Dimensions Radio broadcasting across the US, about the life transition to a community Elder and a corporate Elder, and her forthcoming book about ‘Practicing the Wisdom Arts’.

Listen to the podcast here


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